Full Membership Application Instructions

For a list of privileges and response time, please see the main membership page.


Use the comment box on the form below to list the following additional information:

 Volunteer opportunities - please note areas of interest

         Newsletter:  Submit content and/or help with putting out the newsletter.

         Help out on the Signal Boat during race season. 

         Educational Series Fall through Spring:  Submit ideas or give a talk.

         Open House (April): Help with the preparations and/or stop by and talk to our guests about the club, tour your boat.

         Events:  Help plan and/or decorate at the monthly events.

         Regatta Boat Parade (August): Decorate and enter your boat.

         Brew Fest (September) : Help with the pretzel making!  It’s a great fund raiser for the Club.

         Club Cleanliness/Maintenance

         Membership: Give feedback, help with connecting to current and potential members

         Rallies Downtown June—September: Boats needed to take out people interested in sailing or sailors without boats. 

         Racing: Bring your boat or join a crew.      

The Board will vote on new members on the 2nd Monday of each month. You will receive notification within 5 days. 


The Astoria Yacht Club was established on the 16th day of October 1931, by Edward C. Judd, H.L. Edling and A. C. Fulton, all residents of Astoria, Oregon. 

Throughout the years, the Astoria Yacht Club has carried on the tradition of hosting various exciting and unique regattas, cruises and other functions involving good food and fellowship with other Yacht Club members. 

Membership Application

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