Race Notice Board

Regatta 8/8/2020:

1.  We will convene a short, informal, socially distanced skipper meeting (only one representative per boat) outside on the patio below the club room at 1100 to briefly confirm course and starting time.


2.  All boats must check in with the signal boat by radio in the starting area before the sequence to check radio, confirm course, state crew size and declare flying sails or not.  Use CH 68.


3.  Unless the race committee announces otherwise at the skipper meeting, the first race will be non-standard (not a numbered course) as follows:


S/F @ BUOY 33  -  25  -  42  -  S/F @ BUOY 33                 PORT ROUNDINGS


4,  The Race Committee may decide to run a second short race, depending on time and conditions.  If so, it will be COURSE #2  Port Roundings. (S/F – 31 – 35A – S/F).  The signal boat will advise all boats on CH 68.


5.  There will be no post-race club activities.


6.  All boats should email their crew manifest to aycracecommittee97103@gmail.com

Sun set 8:34pm.  Low tide 11:14am (0.47ft), high tide 5:30pm (6.92ft), low tide 11:48pm (1.72ft)

Patchy drizzle before noon. Partly sunny, with a high near 68. Light and variable wind becoming northwest 6 to 11 mph in the morning.

Race skippers:

The White Knight will be on station for race start and to record finish times.

All skippers should complete race entry form, Schedule “C” in 2020 NOR.  These should be mailed in, along with entry fees as selected.

Crew manifest, Attachment ”B”, should be emailed to race committee at aycracecommittee97103@gmail.com.  Any crew changes should be updated by email.


All boats to check in on VHF Ch 68 to report number of crew and declare flying or no flying headsails.  Monitor during race.  If very light air, course may be shortened.


Race course will be sent via email to Captains. Please contact if you wish to be added. Any updates will be emailed prior to 1200.


Race crew positions have been filled for 2020. Contact to be added to a waiting list.


Astoria Yacht Club PO Box 323 Astoria, OR 97103

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