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A Riotess Evening of Gift Exchanging

January 27, 2019

Recently, The Astoria Yacht Club hosted its annual January gift exchange at its club room. Some of us remember the event in the past as the annual Tom and Jerry Party and, with fondness, we miss the sticky messy T&J concoction with hot water and rum.

After hors d’oeuvres, the evening began with a round of complicated nautical trivia questions such as, “What is the eye of the wind?” and “What is a port of call?”. Those two were stumpers, even for a room full of seasoned mariners. After that, we moved on to a round of gift giving and telling stories and jokes. It is worth mentioning that Norm Shatto told the best story of the evening when he related a story about dumping water on an upperclassman when he was at OIT.

The evening was exceptional because old and new friends gathered to enjoy each other’s company by passing around mostly silly gifts, telling mostly silly stories, and playing a completely silly game of nautical trivia.

See you next year - Hal Nauman

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