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Melges Crew

Captain Jay McRostie, Rich Elmstrom, Grant Filley and James Bills on Melges

The seal, now visible fifty feet or so off the port bow, is not an overboard crew member and I have no name for it.  I also have no names for the spectator seals sitting on the buoy, the Captain. 




2017 Racing Comes to an End - End of Season Stats

The 2017 Tuesday Night racing season has officially come to an end.  We tried something different this year; we didn't have multiple series of races and we chose to race EVERY Tuesday for the sake of consistency.  Overall I think the season was a success.  We had a total of 12 boats that came out and raced at various times with 6 boats racing regularly.

To determine the "overall winner" of the summer, we laid out a few ideas at the beginning of the year and tweaked them as the summer progressed.  It was decided that for a boat to be "in the running" that boat had to race in half of the Tuesday races plus 1.  This year we held 20 nights of racing so that would require a boat to make at least 11 of those nights.  We had 5 boats that met that requirement. 

The next question came down to how may "throw out" races.  The captains agreed at a mid-season meeting to set that number at 15.  The draft season sailing instructions stated that the best 10 races would be scored.

In the end it made no difference how we scored, the results came out the same.  :)  A final tally was made using the score for ALL of the races, the best 15, and the best 10; all with the same results.  The tally sheet with all of the calculations can be found in the right hand column.

Here are the final results!:

1st - Mach One - Norm Shatto

2nd - Barefoot - Paul Gascoigne

3rd - Cantata - Tom Brownson

4th - Blue Jay - Curt Yoder

5th - Aja - Rich Elstrom

Congratulations to Norm Shatto and the crew of Mach One on an exceptional season!  Also, a big congratulations to all of the boats and crews, it was a fun season of sailing.  

Finally, all of us who sailed would like to extend a huge thank you to our race committee: Toby Dyal, Bruce Faling, and Josh McConnell.  They were out on the water every week setting the course and running the line.  These races would not be the success that they are without all of their hard work.

Tuesday, August 29th Race - End of Race Stats 

The next Tuesday race, August  29th, will be held in the "Pursuit" format.  Each boat will have it's own start time to reflect it's PHRF rating.  Any boat that wants to participate, please be at the clubroom for the 5:15 Captain's meeting.  The first boat starts at 6:15.  Hope to see many of you there!


2017 Memorial Cup - Bridge to Bridge Stats

This coming Saturday, July 29th.

Captains meeting in the clubroom 12:00

Race Starts at 13:00










2017 Tuesday Sailing

May Stats

June Stats

July Stats

August Stats

September Stats

AYC did things a little different this year.  Rather than have different "Series", there is a standing race every Tuesday night.  Tabulations for each weeks bragging have been posted under each month. 

Regatta Race Results

Mavh One headed out to race.
Captain Thor
Ben working the floor deck
Bridge to Bridge Race
Captain Tom
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