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November 20, 2015

The 2015 sailing season was a busy one!  We had 21 weeks of Tuesday night sailing along with 5 additional days of racing including Opening Day, the Memorial Cup, Regatta and Closing Day.  More importantly, the weather cooperated magnificently this year with only one race not completed due to a lack of wind.  We ran some varied courses this year and got to be even more creative with the recurring buoy 10 season loss of our racing mark.

The racing fleet continued to improve and the racing was close all year.  Of the three main series each had a different winner with Rattler winning the Spring Series, Wildfire summer and Zephyr the fall.  With cooperating wind we managed multiple races on our special race days.  Three races on Opening Day, three for the Memorial Cup, five for Regatta and one nice long race to buoy 22 and back for the Closing Day race.  All together we held 33 races, not too bad for our small fleet. 

Overall when the dust cleared (or would we say spray?) and all of the calculations made, the season winner was Mike Campbell in Rattler.  Mike finished no worse than 2nd for any series and won Opening Day, the Spring Series, Memorial Cup, the Double Handed series and Closing Day.  Nice job Mike.

Of course all these races wouldn't be so successful without the fantastic support from our racing committee members.  A very big and special thanks to Toby and Bruce for their amazing commitment to helping run all of these races.  Their willingness to spend their time setting up course marks, starting and recording races and picking up afterwards is truly appreciated and helped to make our season the success that it was.  Thank you again!

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Gascoigne - Race Captain 2015

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